Thursday, November 25, 2004

Mouth Cancer Awareness Week 7th/13th Nov 04

I have found a very helpful website dealing with people who have or have had mouth cancer. The message board allows anyone to post a question, ask advice or just generally have a moan amongst people who know exactly how you are feeling. The site is run by a professional medic who answers medical queries or refers you to a relevant link. It can be found under The British Dental Association, who were backing Mouth Cancer Awareness week came onto the site to ask for volunteers willing to give their case histories to the press. I readily volunteered and was contacted by the Newcastle Evening Chronicle, who used my story as part of their Health supplement to further mouth cancer awareness: "I'm still smiling". In an effort to further the cause I held a coffee morning at home and was staggered by the response. With the help of a few of my friends we welcomed over 90 people through the door and raised in excess of £1,200!! Added to this I have had a Christmas card printed dedicated to oral cancer awareness - three angelic choir boys with mouths open in song (with tongues showing, of course!) and they are selling like "hot cakes". I fully intend to keep the "bit" between what teeth I have left and will look for other opportunities to raise awareness of this little known cancer.

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