Friday, October 29, 2004



This is a new blog belonging to Brenda Brady. I am a 57 year old housewife with husband John, two grown up children (who've left the nest) and a cocker spaniel called Rosie.

I was diagnosed with mouth cancer earlier this year after two operations on blocked saliva glands. In march I had a sixteen hour operation to remove a tumour. This entailed taking bone from my leg to reconstruct my jawbone, soft tissue taken from my forearm to replace half my tongue, a skin graft taken from my thigh to cover the donor site on my forearm, as well as a temporary tracheotomy and peg (feeding tube) in my tummy.

I've created this blog to draw attention to, and raise the profile of, mouth cancer and to discuss issues, exchange ideas, and tips etc.



jola said...

I'm doing my best to get to you. However the site seems to be unavailable. Please contact me on

jola said...

I've tried very hard, but somehow I cannot get to you. May be it'll work this time. My situation is very similar and I'd love to "talk' to you. Email is the fastest way for me, as I suffer from (not really) minor speech impediment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brenda, I am a freelance journalist who is very interested in talking to you. Please contact me at:

Anonymous said...

dear brenda,
searching informations for my wife's dad (just diagnosed with throat cancer) i came up to your blog. your strenght, your "temperamento" are very inspiring. i had cancer too (testicular cancer) and thought that i had a tough time, until i read your blog. you are a strong, strong lady, keep it that way!
your italian "admirer",